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Historical associations and societies, museums, booksellers, libraries, and others who want to speak with Dave about doing author events for them should send an e-mail to his publisher ( or use the "Contact" page of this site to reach him. Members of the media who want to arrange interviews with him should do the same.

















"In this unpretentious, matter-of-fact volume, historian Dave Richards lays out the story of the Newburgh Conspiracy ... in much greater detail than previous studies have done.   ... an exhaustive presentation about controversial events that could have re-shaped the young American republic into a dangerous distortion of what Continental forces intended to produce in the first place, a freedom-loving republic." ~ Dr. James Kirby Martin, Professor of History, University of Houston, for The Journal of Military History

"Swords in Their Hands: George Washington and the Newburgh Conspiracy is a meticulously researched study of a little-known but important event in American history. ... Details of how Congress and Washington struggled to fund the war and to prod the new republic into honoring promises made to its army form the bulk of Swords in Their Hands. Richards has done a fine job of marshaling and presenting the myriad of facts of the case. ... This nonfiction book will be essential reading for professional and amateur historians and academics ... The story pulls you along." ~ Times-News (Hendersonville, North Carolina)


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